We create websites that bring in customers

Your website must be found on the first 2 pages of a search.

There are sites just built for credibility.

Most websites are built to bring in customers.

To do that— it must show up in the search results!

You want to be on the first page of the search results.

Of course so does everyone else that wants to create business with their website. That's why we have a customized plan for each of our clients they are unique and so are their websites and search results strategy

Our Search Engine Results Plan :

• Long tailed low competition Keywords &  Phrases

• Website Design Servicing

• Search Results Description

• Monthly site submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo

• Google Plus for Business

• Google Analytics

• HDG Relevant Network


CEO of Citywide recommends Hettinger Design for Search Engine Results and websites designed to bring in customers

Google has over 300 criteria for search results. Sure traffic is the most important but close behind is how informative is your site, time spent on your site by individuals, submitting your site to the big 3 search engines, keeping your site current and relevant, backlinks, search description words with word count, and metatags.

Long-tailed low-competition keywords are a great place to start your ranking and then from there we spread out. We not only do an analysis of the keywords used in searches, we provide you with a list based on searches, specificity, and competition level with our own proven ranking system.

Affordable SEO and website design — potential customers need to find you and know why they should choose your company