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SERP Marketing – For your site to grow in multiple search areas, we include a Google+ site, youtube site, linkedin and sub-domains such as blogs.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] & SERP Strategy — You hear about SEO but you really care about SERP—where your site

shows up on the Search Engines Results Page. The Hettinger Design

                                    team defines the competitive searches and

                                    tracks the results.

"Hettinger Design put me at the top of a number of search results!"

— Oscar Womack, Jr., CEO Coherent Contracts, LLC

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We create everything you need to get your website up and appear on search engines.





Google Seminars – We hold seminars on how to get your page at the top of Google searches. Hosted by businesses in the Oklahoma City area, these free seminars tell you what Google wants, how it approaches searches, and explains the history of the Internet so you can understand why your website is not showing up in searches. Besides managing HDG, Neal Hettinger also teaches at the college level. He enjoys explaining the Internet and how searches engines work. He leaves you with 3 easy to implement tasks you can perform on your website to improve your search engine results.

Affordable SEO and website design — potential customers need to find you and know why they should choose your company