A website must be found and sell the customer

We create website that show up in searches and having a unique design so it is remembered.

How many sites can you go to that look like so many others? Can you name them or are they just a blur? Did they have a small logo on the top with tiny navigation type and a large picture underneath that really didn't tell you about the company?  Did you have to look long and hard to find what you were searching for?


Presuming you didn't give up and go back to the searches, how easy was it to find the company telephone number?


We know you are busy. Turn your website over to us and we will provide you a site that will bring you

customers. Our team will:

• write the information to be displayed

• photograph or find photos and retouch as needed

• record and display testimonials

• provide all your site needs to be successful, including getting your company highly ranked in Google searches. This is extremely important if you want new customer traffic.


The Hettinger Design Group does  not follow the pack, the style of today, and the cookie cutter feel to sites.

We build sites that do not look like your competition and actually market your company.

Affordable website design, proven search results , expert consulting on improving your existing website