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AI is changing more than search results.

Artificial Intelligence is live and working

You have heard about the new AI, artificial intelligence, and how it can be used to write reports. But there is so much more AI can do. For instance, you can write emails, or develop code for a new app. The ability to ask follow up questions saves time since the new AI allows for conversation-like queries.

It will change how people see results when they search for a topic, ask a question, or checking facts. If you have a website, it will change where you show up in results.

Searches results will be changed.

We have discovered that some searches have websites that are on page 1 but through the test labs, these website are no longer there and companies previously on page 4 or 5 will be on page 1. Yes, we see the opportunities.

I will go over how the new Bing and Google AI searches will change and what my company is doing to make sure my clients don’t drop off the internet.

There is a new way to optimize websites since it will no longer be SEO, Search Engine Optimization, but will Search Generative Experience Optimization which will be shortened to SGEO or SGO. If you have a company website, you should expect your website developer to know how to optimize your website for the AI searches but ask just to make sure.

What is artificial intelligence, and how it can be used in everyday activities.

AI test labs have opened, and ChatGPT also arrived. We have also attended seminars, webinars, read numerous articles, and RSS feeds on the subject.
My students think AI is a great way to never write again. I will quickly explain some misconceptions people have, what they didn’t know, and what some professors thought ChatGPT could and could not do.
There are different ways to access AI which I will tell you about. I will go over some rumors and tell you what we have discovered.


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