The easiest Customers to get are the ones you already have!

How many businesses actually do stay in touch with their customers? They think customers will remember them but don’t count on that. Will they remember a business if a chance to refer your business comes up? If they haven’t heard from you in 6 months, they are probably not going to think to refer you.

Our Customer Engagement System, creates a customer relationship that goes past the job to gain future jobs.

Touch #1


We send a short text from your mobile number so they can call you if they need something or have a question. The text can be a follow up on your service, ask for a review, or see how everything is going.
Touch #2

Direct Mail

A personalized postcard to your customers will remind them of your services or a referral discount. It can also include a special or a reminder for service. A short tip on something related to your service or product can get it on the fridge.
Touch #3

Location Mail

Many call it snail mail but it sure is effective. A short personal letter from you thanking them for their patronage and including specials they may be interested in using goes a long way to building and continuing a relationship.

Touch #4


An eye-catching image with a short news item about your business along with a special deal about your service or product gets attention. It needs to be personalized with a message they care about. A link to your site with the benefits for them helps to build on your business.


Stay in touch with your CRM extension- CES!

Know your customers and have your customers know you. Our personalized customer relationship engages the customer with communications through postcards, letters, newsletters, and texts.

Interested in more information on our Customer Engagement System – CES? Send us your information and we will send you an e-brochure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are costs figured?

To get you the best bang for your buck, we use the number of customers, how often you want to touch bases with your customers, number of offers, and options on reaching out to them.

How long of a contract must I sign?

We recommend 1 year with at least 1 touch per quarter. Your past customers probably are not be looking at your social media like they were when they found you and it may take a year for them to need your company again. But by keeping in touch they may remember to give you a referral.

What do I need to get you for the CES to start?

After you decided which CES strategy you want, we will need an Excel list of customers, their emails, names, addresses, and product or service. Depending on what you want to communicate their may be other information we will need.

Can I add new customers to the CES schedule?

Certainly! They will enter the existing rotation of touches. the number of customers is purchased in blocks so you can plan ahead for your budget.