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Live with AI is Microsoft. Bing has been utilizing artificial intelligence for months while Google experiments with it and search results. AI can converse with you about complex and specific questions to receive detailed or condensed responses. Delivering the best search results to queries on any search engine is the aim of the New Bing.
Microsoft wants to overtake Google as the internet’s dominant gorilla. Previously, Chat GPT was a brand-new search engine designed to rival Siri, but Chat lacks conversational skills.
Accessing Microsoft’s OpenAI is challenging, just like with some of their other technologies. You must first install the Edge browser. Bing will direct you to download Edge even though you can use other browsers to search and click on the chat. How to do that is described below.

This AI Chat can create designs based on a style such as constructivism or art deco.

Undoubtedly, AI is altering the way humans read, learn, see, and think. It’s here, good or bad.
You might not be aware of these other Bing features: You can ask a challenging question or a straightforward inquiry by pressing the dictation icon.
The Bing search bar’s microphone icon should be selected. By clicking the camera-like icon in the Bing search box, you can access details about an image.

You can utilize Bing Chat to create graphics based on words, which will upset teachers even more.

Open AI from New Bing has a lot of applications. It can be used for the following things:
It can request more information about a search or request a brief summary of the New Bing’s response. You might then pose another question in light of the response. Ask the New Bing to compare businesses using their websites to save a ton of time. without really writing it down, to “write” something.
In order to compose a non-plagiarized piece, the OpenAI will research the internet, as practically any high school student can attest to. Use OpenChat to make your writing better or to rework it in a different manner.

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