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Companies realize that if they are going to be the leader AI solutions, they have to offer a wider range of AI services which is causing a rush by companies to invest in Artificial Intelligence. As Paul Webb, Webb Business Consulting, said recently, “AI has been around for decades but now it is becoming affordable to everyone.”

The race began decades a go but now it is searching the interenet and compposing solutions instead of just reporting them.

As we collect more data, we will discover more about SGE, Search Generative Experience Optimization. It wil be a complete reversal of the process with the focus not on the most popular website but the one with the answers.

Search Results Will Be Completely Different

For Google Search results now, you type in a few keywords and get the most popular results with links to websites. We know that with the use of AI, Google results will be radically different. You will ask questions and get the best answers. Through Google Labs we have tested and found that many of the websites usually on page 1 are not in the results.

Major AI - Artificial Intelligence applications

An overview of the top 5 AI players


A powerful OpenAI that searched the internet for solutions. Just a few weeks ago, a user needed to know how to use prompt interacting tools but now a user can ask a question or show an image to get responses. The next email will provide links so you can try it out.

Bing Chat

It is live now. If you are in Bing search and click on Chat icon at the top left of next to “Search” you will be directed to download and install the free Microsoft Edge browser. You can get replies based on a conversation style and drill down for more exact answers.

Google SGE

The Search Generative Experience will be live soon. To see examples of how it will operate, you can click on the ‘beaker’ icon on the top right of Google Chrome by your Google sign in. Google has not announced a release date but the experts are estimating by the end of this year.


They have stayed away from the term “AI” and use “machine learning” instead. Command and conversation based you can say “Siri change the temperature to 72°”, or ask a question and search results will be on your screen. Select one of the responses and it will highlight the answer on the website. Available with OS17.


Alexa is also a conversational oriented AI. This digital voice assistant bypasses menus, touchscreens, mouse clicks, and keyboards and can understand the nuances of human conversation unlike a computer.

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