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Vergilius Chamber Orchestra condutor AI example

Many software companies have Artificial intelligence built in.

Here is an instance of using Photoshop to age an image. The client had a photo of when he was younger but instead of a having a photo shoot, we used AI to age him. Notonly his face but his hands and hair were also genereated. We went with the middle option but added a much older version as an example.

Adobe software leads the way incorporating Artificial intelligence.

Adobe Photoshop

Content-Aware and Generative Fill in Photoshop effortlessly fills in blanks or eliminates undesired parts from an image.
Select Subject fills in the chosen object to blend into the rest of the picture or automatically chooses the main subject in an image to make removing the surrounding area easier.
Neural Filters allow designers to alter facial emotions. It can make a face younger or older. Photoshop can recognize a sky in a picture and replace it with another, blending the new sky in perfectly with the rest of the picture.

Adobe Illustrator

With integrated artificial intelligence features,  Illustrator can be used for vector graphics creation. These new capabilities allows designers to create logos and icons for any size application. While Photoshop creates generative fills and images in pixels which limit the size, Illustrator utilizes AI for image tracing, freeform gradients for more organic and natural-looking images.


Adobe Illustrator artificial intelligence-AI images

Adobe Firefly

This online tool focuses on image and effect generation. Create images, add styles and fill image areas with AI-generated content, create social media posts, posters, and flyers, generate vector graphics, and more — all with simple text prompts. This strong AI composition oriented image generation can be use for illustrations, photo realistic images, and images based on styles.

Adobe Express

Perfect for the creative and not so creative solutions, online Express has templates for social media posts and ads. For designers, its a strong tool for creating text effects based on prompts. Adding textures or creating images and patterns can really save time for designers.