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The Artificial Intelligence application Open AI’s ChatGPT can search the internet to provide you with answers, solutions, and develop code. If you want to generate images there are multiple pay options.
ChatGPT has three subscriptions plans for their generative language-processing tool. The Free ChatGPT-3.5 can get very slow during peak use. Plus ChatGPT-4 is $20 per month, guarantees users general access during peak times, and offers image generation based on text prompts wand tokens which you buy in 1000 increments. The images are created from scratch, from editing existing images with text details, and creating variations of an existing image. The Enterprise Plan is a “fluid pricing plan” with faster response times and more features.
Open AI’s income is from offering premium membership plans to organizations and providing API services (apps interfacing with apps). OpenAI offers language processing consulting services and sells training datasets.


The Free ChatGPT is text-based which will not create images or visual content. It can generate written portrait after you provide a detailed description of the image. Basic math is difficult for ChatGPT to understand, and struggles with simple logic queries.
Check for authenticity. Forbes Magazine reported a personal injury lawsuit where an attorney used ChatGPT to cite bogus cases. Teachers have checked to see if students have written the assignments themselves. ChatGPT erroneously stated the reports were AI written. School server technologies can prevent access to AI. Since the majority of students have smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it seems like a wasted effort.

AI revised man

History of OpenAI

Started in 2015, Open AI is considered one of the early pioneers of Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing internet application company in history. It is estimated to cost the parent company, OpenAI, $700,000 a day to operate the app.
No single person owns OpenAI. At one point Elon Musk put approximately $50 million into OpenAI. AI development continues even though in March 2023, a number of AI developers, researchers, and businessmen including Elon Musk, called for a six-month pause. Four months later Mr. Musk’s debuted his new company xAI. It will work closely with Tesla and you guessed it— X, the company formerly known as Twitter.

Considerations of Artificial Intelligence

There are concerns that AI advancement is unpredictable, will spread fake news, and replace countless jobs. Technology has historically changed lives with the apprehension that civilization would suffer and not be able to adapt.
The worry in 1454 was the new invention of the printing press would replace jobs, lead to lower class literacy, communicate ideas, and allow knowledge to be spread causing governments to topple. In the mid 1800’s, the fear was when petroleum replaced whale oil, an entire industry would go out of business. In the 1980s, it was thought computers would replace humans. In the late 2020’s, people thought autonomous cars would eliminate transportation jobs…
The fears were real and many times correct but humankind seemed to benefit from all this disruptive technology.


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